Sunday, 25 August 2013

About Chit-Chat

Who is Louise?

I am originally from the UK but have lived and worked in different parts of the world. As a fully qualified English language teacher and teacher trainer I have worked with a range of adults from all sorts of different sectors at all levels. I too have tried to learn languages wherever I have been and recognise the value of practising the language in a supportive and friendly environment. 
What is Chit-Chat?

Chit-Chat is a one-hour English conversation session which takes place in various locations at varying times in St Gilles and Ixelles, Brussels.  By visiting you will find dates, times, cost and addresses. You are invited to join any session you wish  by just reserving a place up to a day in advance. You can do this by sending a simple e-mail or text message indicated on the website.

Who is it for?

Chit-Chat is for anyone looking for an opportunity to practise their spoken English in an informal way. Conversation takes place naturally between people who have ideas and information they want to share with others. Through chatting, you decide on the content and direction of the conversation. Whether your English is basic or advanced you have something to contribute and by supporting each other you can exchange and expand your English.

What is my role?

I  suggest activities to help you get started and ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to participate as much as possible. At the end of the hour session I provide you with written feedback to help you improve your English further. This could include a point of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or register. You can also decide to exchange this feedback with others in the group.

Post Chit-Chat

Through visiting this blog you can keep on exchanging information and ideas beyond Chit-Chat. Your input and feedback on the Chit-Chat sessions you participate in is also highly appreciated.

Now all that's left is to come along and try Chit-Chat for yourself.

See you there.


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