Monday, 3 February 2014

City dweller or country bumpkin?

During our conversation on Sunday we struggled to find a single word to describe a person who lives in the countryside. Most terms we came up with were slightly pejorative, harking back to the times when most people who lived there often worked off the land too and did not have a formal education. The Guardian newspaper refers to rural residents as opposed to urban residents which doesn't sound very cosy! Shall we invent a word? What do you propose?


  1. I don't have any suggestion for your question... but you wanted to know why Australians calls British people poms ou pommy. Here you can have an answer :

    As it's written on Yahoo pages, it probably came from Prisoner of His Majesty (POHM) - which was supposedly the title given to the convicts in the first fleet.

    1. Thanks for that Corinne. I wonder what other names the British have been given by other nations.....