Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lovely weather we're having for this time of the year!

A cliché if ever there was one, but the topic of weather always comes up in our conversation sessions. Last time it led to a discussion on nature and the effects of a mild winter on our gardens or potted plants on our balconies/terraces. The words 'to bud' 'to bloom' 'to water' 'to prune' 'to have green fingers' 'to grow' cropped up. And then the difference between 'to grow' and 'to grow up' which led to a topic on children and 'to bring up'. So small talk serves its purpose in leading us onto other topics. What other topics of small talk do you come across regularly?


  1. Another subject that comes each day in the conversation is about public transportation and particularly as far as I am concerned, SNCB! There is no week without delay with the train and the reasons are numerous...

  2. Very true. We do like to gripe about SNCB, although, I don't think it's any better in the UK! In autumn trains are often late because of leaves on the track! What kind of absurd reasons do SNCB give?